The Windows to your World


Nothing changes a room quite like window treatments. Of all the installs that happen during the design process, my favorite is the day window treatments get installed. Whether roman shades or drapery panels, cafe curtains or scrims, window treatments always transform a room. They literally hush a space, providing a much needed extra layer of material; they set the tone for the room, either drawing attention with a bold pattern or blending into the background with something soft and sheer; and they always lend the finishing touch, somehow completing the thought. Although my rules are few and far between, I do have a few guidelines I follow when selecting window treatments.

I never draw attention to the finial – a small round finial or a rod that returns to the wall is preferred.


If there is ample depth, I prefer the clean lines of an inside mounted roman shade.


When a window needs to feel more substantial, then I mount the shades high and outside the frame.


When hanging drapery rods, I usually split the difference between the bottom of the crown molding and top of the window trim.


Never underestimate the value of a good drapery workroom. I rely on mine for their wonderful craftsmanship, and knowledge and expertise regarding the fit and style for each window.



Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Sometimes a unique solution can feel fresh and new.


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