Styling a Gallery Wall

A beautifully curated gallery wall immediately personalizes any space. Whether you’re combining a collection of images or highlighting a favorite artist, thoughtfully chosen art can transform a blank wall into a truly remarkable space.

Mix + Match!

An art wall that isn’t too matchy creates a funky, eclectic mix. Everything from your children’s framed art work, to vintage store finds, to old inherited pieces work well in the mixed gallery wall. Start by anchoring your largest piece on the wall, and then add in various sizes, orientations and media.

The Grid

Establish a collection of photos or prints and frame your pieces in the same style and color. This is the beginning of the classic grid, which is so simple yet fills a wall beautifully. Make sure that frames align and are spaced evenly, around 2″ apart. Perfect for featuring on a large blank wall or placed over a desk or console table.

Less can totally be more. An uncluttered gallery wall can create much needed visual rest in your home. If you want your space to feel light, airy and peaceful, try selecting two or three larger pieces. Then hang them with plenty of white space to draw individual attention to each piece.

Have fun creating your gallery walls at home!

Have fun creating your gallery walls at home!



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