Finishing Touches



Over the next few months we’ll spend lots of time photographing finished projects for the website. It’s one of my favorite parts of the job — seeing a beautiful room captured in a perfect picture. Of course much time and effort is spent preparing rooms to be photographed. It’s not as simple as walking into a client’s home and snapping a photo with an iPhone. First, we survey the scene (now that the family has settled in) and clear the clutter. Next, we bring in styling products and flowers to finish the rooms. Very often this is the final layer that we contribute to a client’s home — all of the baskets and blankets and pillows and coffee table books and objects that add the finishing touches to a space. Photoshoot day is usually our client’s favorite day as well. They love to see their house all dressed up and to watch the photographers work their magic. We spend hours sourcing for photoshoots, but always have luck at CB2 for vases and candleholders, Jayson Home and Garden for beautiful textiles and pillows and Cost Plus for baskets and pottery.





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